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Destination Moto

Viaterra Austin Riding Jeans

Viaterra Austin Riding Jeans

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Riding enthusiasts often struggle to find the perfect blend of protection and professionalism in their riding pants. With ViaTerra Austin Denims, that dilemma is no more. Daily use is made easy with stretch fabric and SasTec CE Level 2 low profile armour, providing riders with the security they need in the urban jungle and the office. The sleek design and classic denim appearance make these pants suitable for both riding and the workplace, eliminating the need for a clothing change upon arrival. Thanks to Destination Moto, Viaterra Gears' Authorized Dealer, riders can confidently transition from motorcycle to professional setting without missing a beat.

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Note : Please note that the armour must be used with the yellow elements facing the body. If the armour is folded or bent or used with the yellow elements facing away from the body, the armour might get damaged. This is not covered under warranty.


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