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Rynox Powertechtor Knee/Elbow Protector L2

Rynox Powertechtor Knee/Elbow Protector L2

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Elbow / Knee Protector Inserts

  • Sold as a pair
  • CE Certified Level 2: to EN-1621-1:2012 (Type A)
  • Elbow / Knee: CE Certified for application as an elbow or a knee protector
  • Made of "Bio-Elastan": An anti-shock material, Bio-Elastan is a superior intelligent foam which delivers unprecedented levels of impact safety
  • Ergonomic Design: Flexes with the body and provides excellent comfort
  • Versatile Performance: Tested and CE certified for hot (T+) and cold (T-) temperatures, ensuring Level 2 performance across a wide temperature range.
  • Ultralight: Weighs approximately 110g, ±2
  • Highly Breathable: 6 strategically placed vents
  • Dimensions: 12.9 cm (width) X 24.6 cm (height)


  • Don’t forget to verify the compatibility of this product with your jacket/pants before purchase. This can be done by checking the dimensions of your existing protectors or by checking the dimensions of the protector holder pockets in your jacket/pants.

Note for users of Rynox pants:

  • Rynox pants are equipped with the KneeSlap technology, KneeSlap is a Rynox Exclusive knee protector positioning mechanism, wherein the knee protectors are placed inside a detachable Velcro pocket.
  • In order to use the POWERTECTOR HEX-PRO EK protector with any Rynox pants, a pair of compatible holder pockets will need to be purchased separately from here. (available in next 7-10 days)
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