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Rynox Gripper Reflective Bungee Strap Black

Rynox Gripper Reflective Bungee Strap Black

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With built-in retro reflective filaments, the Gripper Bungee by Rynox is a secure, versatile, and fast way to secure your gear while riding. As an authorized dealer, Destination Moto offers high-quality Rynox products.

What’s Included: 1 unit of Gripper Bungee


At Rest: 42 in (3.5 ft)
Fully Extended: 84 in (7 ft)

Weather Proof Materials and Construction:

Premium latex rubber core and polyester sheath
Durable plastic hooks
Zero-roll flat structure: Flat structure ensures the bungee stays in place and doesn’t get displaced

Increased Low Light Visibility: Retro reflective filaments embedded in sheath

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