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BMW G310 GS Upper Crash Guard - MS

BMW G310 GS Upper Crash Guard - MS

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Introducing, the BMW G310 GS UPPER CRASH GUARDIt is an all-metal crash guard that is designed and manufactured for your BMW beast. It is designed for taking the impacts and also protecting the frame and fairing of your motorcycle during an accident or crash. This is a High-quality crash guard. This product is only suitable for BMW G310GS motorcycles.

It is time you protect your well-looked after motorcycle! It is high time for a Crash guard!

A crash guard can protect your motorcycle during an event of an accident or crash. This Crash guard is strongly built with additional sliders on the sides and gives added protection to your motorcycle. The stylish and sporty design of the product adds an aesthetic touch to your motorcycle.

Material: Manufactured with mild steel, it absorbs the impact and reduces the damage to your motorcycle.

Strong make: Unlike most crash guards that are sold in the matter just in the name of looks and style, this crash guard gives you uncompromised safety combined with an aesthetic design. Since it is built with Mild steel, it shall be very sturdy and reliable.

Shielding your bike: Your bike can get damaged due to crashes or falls, the crash guard helps your bike stay flawless.

Durability: Made with Mild steel, the guard is corrosion resistant and can last through rough riding and adverse weather conditions.

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