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Invictus Water Bags

Invictus Water Bags

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This bag came into being as a result of many RE riders demands, especially those who do long tours on the highways… There was a very specific requirement, give us something to keep the tools and water bottles safely and accessible without having to open the tightly tied up luggage behind the bike or having to carry it on the back.

Thus came into being the small but hugely helpful water bags! Tied up safely near the leg on the crash guards sits the perfect companion for almost any bike with a leg guards. Given the enormity of patterns of leg guards available in post market accessories for RE we worked out the one pattern to fit them all.. right from the butterfly to the stock this is the one bag which will fit them all without exception!

With a 6 point double locking LL buckle fitting and molle straps pattern the bag became both easy and one time fitting accessory without hindering the riders legs ( 2 separate fittings have been provided to prevent it from sliding toward the rider and the engine) while riding on highway or on off roads or in traffic where we need to shift gears almost per min!

With a thread pull mechanism holding the luggage tight and a tight fitting overhead flap to ensure nothing inside comes out it became the one accessory you could use without the need to fit and refit it everyday!

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