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Invictus Memory Foat Seat

Invictus Memory Foat Seat

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After trying out many currently available options in the market to protect our bums from the torture of stock seats Team Invictus reached the conclusion than none of them was sustainable, the air seats raised the height to an uncomfortable level and could puncture out anytime while the gel seats were too expensive for new or old riders.

Using our experience in foams from their mattress making experience (since1935) they came to the conclusion that 65D high resilience memory foam would be the best suited solution for all problems.. Its main advantage being it being medically recommended by doctors for years, absolute zero maintenance, long lasting ( 5-6yrs average life in daily use) 2’’ thick may look like it raises your height but in reality the foam has the tendency to take weight as it is put on it not resisting the weight and not losing its softness even if it is pressed down by a 100kg weight person ( we know we tested ).. so in short it will go almost down to seat level adjusting itself as per the weight thus making your ride comfortable not raising your height ( which can be dangerous in case of split second decisions ) not causing back pain or discomfort of any sorts, increasing your ride time considerably, maintenance free, easy to use / fix on almost all bikes and in the end of course.. Affordable

This foam was originally created by NASA to train astronauts in zero gravity walking. ( Bet they never thought of this one ) later on this was recommended by doctors for piles and spine problems.

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