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Rynox H2Go Pro Rain Jacket (Hi Viz Green)

Rynox H2Go Pro Rain Jacket (Hi Viz Green)

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The H2Go Rain Jacket serves one primary purpose: ensuring that riders stay dry while riding in wet conditions. Despite motorcyclists' love for monsoon rides, getting soaked is never desired. Riders want to fully experience the lush greenery, wet roads, and fresh earth smells without getting wet. The H2Go Rain Jacket provides the solution. Destination Moto is the Rynox Gears' official dealer.


Read the information below regarding Size before selecting.

The H2Go Rain Jacket is primarily designed and sized to be worn over a riding jacket. To wear the H2Go over a riding jacket, select the same size as the size of your riding jacket.

If you intend to wear the H2Go exclusively without a riding jacket, we recommend selecting 1 size smaller than the size of your riding jacket. Alternatively, refer to the size chart of any of our jackets, pick your size of the riding jacket, and then select 1 size smaller for the H2Go Rain Jacket.

Points to Note
- The H2Go Rain Jacket is engineered to be worn over a riding jacket. The cut, shape and paneling of the H2Go Rain Jacket work best in your favour only when worn over a riding jacket.
- While the H2Go Rain Jacket can be worn directly over the body, its cut, shape and panelling is not optimised to be worn in such a way.


  • 5000mm Water Resistance: The shell is made from a fabric rated for water resistance up to 5000mm, perfect for Indian monsoons on a motorcycle.
  • Highly Breathable - The specialised polyester fabric of H2Go passively allows water vapour to diffuse through its weave, but prevents the penetration of liquid water; keeping you dry.
  • Hi-Viz Green Shell: When it rains heavily, visibility typically goes down. The hi-viz green shell of H2Go keeps you visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Retro-Reflective Trims: Sometimes, you need to continue riding after dark. The retro-reflective trims light up in the headlight of oncoming traffic and keep your visible.
  • Double Ripstop Polyester: The Double Ripstop weave of the abrasion resistant polyester shell prevents small tears from spreading and lengthens the life of the jacket.


  • Made for Motorcycling: The jacket is engineered, cut and sized to be worn easily over a riding jacket.
  • Independent Destination Jacket: The H2Go can also be worn as an independent rain jacket.
  • Pre-Curved Arms: Ideally pre-curved for the riding posture, the snugger fit of the arms reduces wind resistance and prevents fatigue.
  • Heat Sealed Seams: Precision sealed seams prevent ingress of water at the seams and keep you dry.
  • YKK Aquaguard Zipper: 100% waterproof YKK Aquaguard zipper, backed by a wide gutter flap lets you wear the jacket easily and keeps you dry once the jacket is zipped up.
  • 3 Panel Hood with Cord Lock: 3 panel design makes the hood compact and ergonomic. Cord Lock lets you cinch the hood to your preference.
  • Independently Actuating Hood:  The hood actuates independent of the collar and provides more flexibility for head movement.


  • Rear Exhaust Vents: Inverted rear exhaust vents on the shoulder blades assist in removal of hot and humid air from inside the jacket, and keep you cool and dry.
  • Cord Lock Hem: Cord Lock on the bottom lets you adjust the fit of the jacket to your preference.
  • Gloves Friendly Cuffs: Elasticated cuffs with forearms wide enough to fit over gloves lets you easily pull the sleeves of H2Go over your riding jacket and gloves. 
  • High Collar: Height of the collar designed to prevent capillary water ingress while riding, from under the chin of the helmet.
  • Extremely Lightweight: Weighs only 200 gms.

Other Features

  • Stow-away Pouch: Sleek drawstring pouch lets you store the rain jacket during transport.

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