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Carbonado Vector Leg Pouch (Black Camo)

Carbonado Vector Leg Pouch (Black Camo)

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Product description

Gain instant access to the things that you need in a jiffy. Its drop-leg holster design sits tight with you when you're out and about while the intelligent storage segregation allows a solid amount of gear to be carried at one go. Momentum, now gets streamlined with the Carbonado Vector.


Type: Drop leg pouch/ Cross body sling
Ideal For: Unisex
Dimension:32x34x6 cms


  • A large zipper pouch with a deep pocket allows you to store items that are otherwise impossible to carry.
    - The open-front velcro pouch is meant for your bulky items that you may need access to in a hurry, like perhaps your wallet or a pack of business cards.
    - The concealed, smaller zipper pouch below the velcro flap does exactly what it’s meant to do…give you concealed storage for smaller items that definitely need an eye to be kept on!
    - A small, velcro pouch along the waist allows you to store your car keys, earphone case, contact lens case or anything that fits within your palm.
    - The Vector comes with a dog hook and two D-rings for you to suspend carabiners and lanyards.
    There are three loops provided as well that can hold on to your sunglasses, key chains or anything that’s worth ‘hanging onto’!

    How to get your Vector on:
    The Vector comes with two adjustable straps made of the same materials that car seat belts are made out of.

    The classic holster:
    Simply strap the larger waist strap around your waist and adjust the puller till you’re comfortable. Once that’s done, just buckle it in.
    Now, take the smaller adjustable thigh strap around your thigh and hook it on to the D-ring.
    Two simple and easy steps and voila…you’re good to go!

    The cross-body:
    Additionally, the Vector can also be worn cross-body, across your shoulders if you choose to.
    Just take the larger waist strap and run it across your preferred shoulder and buckle it in. The thigh strap can be removed. We promise that you’ll look just as cool as you would with it around your waist!


600D Reverse fabric (Heavy duty water proof fabric).
Twill Nylon Fabric (Super tough with inherent elasticity).
Twill polyester lining (High durability and wrinkle resistant).
Made from DWR, suitable for any landscape.

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