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Axor Apex Helmet Visor With Antifog

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Axor Apex Helmet Visor With Antifog by Axor Helmets India


AX-F180 universal Anti-Fog Visor Insert film according to the NANO technology processed over TAC-TriAcetate, which is completely different with the normal dipping/ sprays anti-fog film. And AX-F180 anti-fog film is two-sided anti-fog function which can gives rider an ultra- high transparency, ultra-clear, less rainbow pattern and permanent anti-fog function vision.


Why we need anti-fog?

The fogged-up condition would annoy you in the road riding, car driving, might disrupt vision make for a frustrating swimming, skiing or any sports you take.

The fogged-up condition is not only annoying but arise many unexpected difficulties in your life.

  •     The superb clear, high clarity long-distance riding with full face helmet experience you never had before.
  •      Permanent anti fog material.
  •     Anti fog adhesive for helmet.


Our Anti-fog function certificate?

    The Best Anti-Fog Performance so far via EN168 Anti-Fog test greater than180secs for your reliability and high quality guarantee, AX-F180 High Clarity Anti-Fog Film got the approved from EN168 anti-fog test shows greater than 180sec



  • Crystal clear
  • Night view bright yellow
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Axor Apex Helmet Visor With Antifog

Axor Apex Helmet Visor With Antifog
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